Begin Beekeeping

Painting and Preparing Equipment

It is best to paint the outside of your hives, especially new equipment, with a good primer coat followed with two coats of a good quality light-coloured paint. A good outdoor latex will work just fine. Do not paint the inside of your hive bodies as this will interfere with moisture movement in the hive. The bees will propolize all parts on the inside.

Used equipment should be scraped on the inside to remove all the old wax and propolis. A propane torch can now be used to lightly scorch the inside of the super (see Used Equipment – Safe to Use?). The outside can be painted if needed.

Bottom boards can be painted with copper napththenate as a preservative. Allow to air-dry forty-eight (48) hours before using on your bees.

Another option that is becoming very popular is to have your wooden beehive components dipped in wax instead of painting.  Wax dipping offers many advantages over painting. Country Fields Beekeeping Supplies is working with the industry leader in wax beehive dipping, Canada Wax to offer HiveGuard to our Customers. Please click here to learn more about this innovative option for preserving woodenware.