Begin Beekeeping

Bee Yard Location

  • Away from areas subjected to pesticides, etc.
  • Close to a fresh water source or means of providing fresh water (not the neighbour’s pool or bird bath).
  • Easy access for the beekeeper, if possible with easy vehicle access.
  • Near food sources throughout the changing season:
    for example, the area should have access for the bees in spring to pussy willows, alder bushes, maples, bilberry bushes and wild cherry trees; early summer dandelions, strawberries, apples, clovers into summer with wildflowers and vetches; then in late summer comes the goldenrod and asters. A good mix of these nectar/pollen yielding blooms should ensure a healthy productive colony of bees.
  • On the upper sides of slopes to improve air drainage away from hives.
  • Away from heavy tree canopy.
  • Away from wet bottomland.
  • In open fields with protective cover from the prevailing winds and noontime summer shade.
  • With entrances oriented to the south or east-south-east.
  • Not overlooking or with main flight lines crossing public thoroughfares or footpaths.
  • With entrances clear of weeds and other obstructions.