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Thermo-Plastic Beehive

Thermo-Plastic Beehive

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This Thermo-Plastic Beehive is the perfect setup for beekeepers looking for optimal winter protection for their bees. It boasts a high R-value for superior insulation and comes as a complete kit with tons of accessories. 

This lightweight design is made from UV resistant, food grade material and is designed with ventilation in mind, providing the ideal environment for your bees. It also fits Langstroth frames for greater compatibility with your current setups. 

Frames sold separately. Ships flat packed in its own box. 

Kit Includes:

  • Insulated Top Cover
  • 4L Inner Cover/Top Feeder
  • 3 x Thermo-Insulated Deep Supers
  • Screened Bottom Board with Removeable Pollen Trap Attachment
  • Queen Excluder
  • Bee Escape Board
  • Sliding Entrance Reducer
  • Division Board to Create a Double Nuc Box
  • 6 x Bee Escape Disks
  • Spaced Frame Rests
  • Hive Latches On Each Box
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