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Piperazine Dihydrochloride 53%

Piperazine Dihydrochloride 53%

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Used as a one day wormer, either in water or feed, for the control of Round Worms in poultry, swine and horses. It will also control nodular worms in swine, and small strongyles in horses. Each 100 g of Piperazine Dihydrochloride contains 53 g of piperazine base.


1. Withholding water is unnecessary.

2. To insure maximum worming of swine withhold water for 12 hours.

3. For best results all medicated feed or water should be consumed the same day.

4. Observe strict sanitation.

SWINE: Mix 400 g with 73 kg feed or 140 L of water.

This will treat:

125 - 11 kg pigs

31 - 45 kg pigs

16 - 91 kg pigs

Treat all swine every 30 - 45 days starting at 10 weeks of age.

HORSES: Mix 2 teaspoonful per 45 kg body weight. Add to 4.5 L of water per horse. Withhold water for 12 hours before treating.

CHICKENS: Mix 4gm  with 2 kg feed or 3.25 L of water. This will treat 12 layers or 31  broilers. Treat birds every 30 - 60 days starting at 6 weeks.

TURKEYS: Mix 4 g with 1.10 kg of feed or 3.8 L of water. This will treat 6 turkeys. Treat all birds every 30-60 days starting at 6 weeks.

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