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OxaVap Cordless ProVap 18

OxaVap Cordless ProVap 18

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No more hauling around power generators or using inverters with heavy car batteries. This new product from OxaVap has all the advantages of the corded ProVap110 but is now a CORDLESS vaporizer. It’s powered by 18v DeWalt Lithium-Ion batteries (other battery brands coming soon) that are capable of vaporizing over 40 hives without a recharge.

It comes with the latest ProVap dispenser, which is now an integral part of the vaporizer, so that you can adjust the amount of OA you’re vaporizing into the hive. With the included dispenser, there’s no flipping of the vaporizer to get the OA into the heating vessel. There’s also no measuring of the OA once you’ve set the dispenser to the amount you desire. Since there is no “flipping” of the vaporizer, hives on pallets are now a breeze.

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