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Hogg Halfcomb Super Kit

Hogg Halfcomb Super Kit

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So you have a few successful honey harvests under your belt and now you want to take it to the next level and try your hand at making comb honey. It couldn't be easier than the Hogg Halfcomb honeycomb kit, which uses a cassette system that is readily accepted by bees, building out comb inside a container yielding 10-12 ounce sections that are easily removed, covered, and sold. No more fuss!


Kit Includes:

  • 4-3/4" Hogg Halfcomb Super with follower boards
  • 5 Super Springs
  • Hogg Superpack (40 cassettes using 10 frame, or 32 cassettes in a 8 frame)
  • Covers for the completed cassettes (40 covers using 10 frame, or 32 covers in a 8 frame)
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