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HiveGuard - Wax for woodenware preservation

HiveGuard - Wax for woodenware preservation

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HiveGuard™, is a proven proprietary paraffin and microcrystalline wax blend which is currently used by many beekeepers.

HiveGuard™ has many excellent benefits:

  • Optimal wax formulation
  • maximum preservation & disease prevention
  • maximum penetration / impregnation
  • excellent adhesion maintains flexibility to prevent cracking up to 20 years durability
  • Single component, simple to apply
  • High temperature sterilization & stability
  • Can re-dip/rejuvenate woodenware years later
  • FDA approved
  • Long-term cost effective vs. the elements & diseases

HiveGuard™ replaces “unfriendly” chemicals such as rosin, solvents and paints to provide superior performance.