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Global Pollen Patties with Apis Biologix

Global Pollen Patties with Apis Biologix

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Arriving Soon: NEW - Global Pollen Patties made with Apis Biologix Supplement

Global Pollen Patties contain 15% of real bee pollen. Pollen patties are used by beekeepers in order to give their hives the needed protein for building up their brood. Patties are also an excellent way to ensure your bees have a balanced diet when they are unable to forage due to poor weather or shortage of pollen in the area. Limited quantities available after March 1st.

  • Balanced nutrition
  • Not weather-dependent
  • Early brood production
  • Increased bee populations
  • Ready to feed
  • No mixing, no mess
  • Convenient, go from box to hive in seconds

Each patty is approx. 1 lb (454 g)

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