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Egg Hut Wooden Chicken Coop

Egg Hut Wooden Chicken Coop

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Give your flock the space to run and relax with one of our spacious wooden chicken coops, designed for up to 3 chickens to stay comfortably. The Egg Hut is a beautiful chicken coop with a sturdy design made of fir wood. Easy to care for and maintain, fir wood is ideal for outdoor settings in any weather. Collecting eggs is easy by the convenient accessibility to the nest box. The window and coop door promote air circulation throughout the chicken coop, ensuring proper ventilation for your birds. 

Easily Movable Wooden Chicken Coop:

Our chicken coops are portable and easy to assemble anywhere in the backyard or wherever you prefer on your property. Whether you’re moving or simply relocating your coop for different seasons, enjoy the flexibility and convenience of effortlessly relocating your chicken coop to accommodate your needs.

Ships unassembled and flat packed.

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