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2.5" x 5" Smooth Pillar Candle Mold

2.5" x 5" Smooth Pillar Candle Mold

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Canadian made silicone candle molds last a lifetime.

2.5" x 5" smooth pillar.

Wick: #3

Silicone rubber moulds and beeswax are a perfect fit as beeswax does not adhere to silicone. The wax shrinks as it cools and guarantees easy removal of the candle. No release agents are required. Candles are easier removed when cold.

This pillar mould comes with a centre pin. It should be removed when the candle is solid, but still a bit warm (after 1.5 hours). If you wait too long, the wax adheres to the metal pin making it difficult to remove. Insert the pre-waxed wick into the candle. Use a wick tab to keep the wick in place or seal the bottom hole on a hot plate.

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