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Carricell - Queen Cell Incubator

Carricell - Queen Cell Incubator

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The Carricell portable incubator is ideal for transporting 6 - 10 day queen cells. The unit is strongly constructed, lightweight, and easy to use. This model holds 144 cells in a protective foam tray. The electronically monitored heating unit ensures a constant temperature.

 The Carricell is powered from a 12 - 24 volt vehicle accessory socket and can also be connected to a battery charger or transformer for use on mains power. Accessory sockets are easily fitted to most vehicles and tractors.

For beekeepers who use advanced cells for replacing queens, making splits, or producing queens, the Carricell is a convenient and reliable cell carrier.

Each unit comes complete with a removable foam tray, flexi cord, accessory socket, and digital strip thermometer. Operating instructions are included with each unit.

 Your Carricell is set at the correct temperature and no further adjustment should be necessary. The heating unit and electronic monitoring components are sealed for protection.

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