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Barnyard Organics Soy-Free Layer Mash

Barnyard Organics Soy-Free Layer Mash

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For egg production or maintenance of adult chickens, the 15% protein will meet the requirements of most mixed farms. The mash is a coarsely hammered textured, specially formulated to meet protein requirements for a non-soy-based diet.

Recommended for hens 20 (+) weeks or once they begin laying eggs. Keep bottom of feeders level with the top of the backs of your hens to minimize wastage. Offer plenty of fresh water away from feed. Offer appropriate-sized, free-choice grit to aid digestion. Store in a cool, dry place. Unlike many pelletized feeds, our feeds are whole grain and contain no preservatives. Do not use if mouldy or wet and aim to use the product within three months of purchase.

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