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1 lb Beeswax Brick Mold

1 lb Beeswax Brick Mold

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Easily store all your beeswax in these 1lb bricks. Simply melt your filtered wax and carefully pour it into the mould.

Silicone rubber moulds and beeswax are a perfect fit, because beeswax does not adhere to silicone. The wax shrinks as it cools guaranteeing easy removal of the brick. The silicone mould should last for a lifetime. Clean it with a bottle brush after a few uses. Or, once in a while, wash it in warm soapy water. Store your mould free standing with the opening up, cover with a paper towel to keep dust and dirt out. 

  • Produces 1 lb (454 g) block with "BEESWAX" imprint
  • Durable & versatile silicone rubber
  • No release agents required
  • Brick can be removed after 45-60 minutes