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Feeding with Pollen Substitute

Pollen or pollen substitute is given to bees in the spring, generally in March and April before forage is readily available. Bee Pro Patties are available pre-made, or you may choose to make your own.

Pollen Substitute in Patty Form

Mix the dry pollen substitute (Bee Pro) with sugar syrup to make a firm patty. The best way is to take your dry pollen substitute and gradually add sugar syrup to get the right consistency. Allow mixture to stand overnight so liquid can penetrate the dry ingredients. Do not get the patty too moist, as it will run down the frames.

Shape patties to oval like a hamburger. Each patty should be approximately 1 lb in weight. Feed each colony 1½ lb of Bee Pro Pollen Substitute. Give each colony a 1 lb patty and, in approximately 7-10 days, check the hive. If patty is gone, give the other ½ lb patty. (Alternatively, you can give the 1½ lb patty all at once, if you want.)

Patty should be about ¼” thick and placed on a piece of wax paper. This is then placed on your top bars of frames. The bees will do the rest.

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