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Welcome to Country Fields

Country Fields Beekeeping Supplies, Upper Coverdale, New Brunswick, Canada  


March 31 – April 30, 2014
• Ultra Bee Pro Patties $2.10 each, case of 40+ $1.90 each
• Deluxe Beginner Kit $229.00 (Save $20.50 off regular price)
• Oxytet / Oxysol 454 g 8.95 each

May 2014
• Save $0.05 per sheet on Permadent Foundation
• Plastic Queen Excluders $5.90 each, 10+ $5.40 each
• Metal Queen Excluders, each $1.00 off regular prices

June 2014
• Save $0.05 per frame off regular prices on Wooden Frames (excludes 1000+ category and up)


New Products

Miteaway Formic Quick Strips (MAQS)
• Hobby Pail (10 treatments)
• Commercial Pail (25 treatments)
NEW for 2014, 2-treatment pail


Dates We Are Closed
Please note that we will be closed July 27 - August 17, 2014 and from December 21, 2014 to February 1, 2015.


What's New?

Our online Price List, Nucs and Specials are now updated for 2014. For information/prices on Queen bees for 2014 - stay tuned!

Items listed are normally in stock on our premises, unless otherwise indicated. Most other beekeeping supplies can be obtained, so please ask! Keep an eye on our New Products page, as we add new beekeeping items occasionally through the year.

Here on our website, you'll also find A Guide for the Beginning Beekeeper, tips on how to use Bee Medications safely and effectively, and a tasty selection of Honey Recipes.

Please keep checking back, as we add more beekeeping information from time to time.

Please note that we are now only taking new clients from within Atlantic Canada. If you are outside Atlantic Canada, and you are currently one of our customers, we will continue to serve your needs. However, we will only be taking new customers from within Atlantic Canada.

Please see our Terms and Policies for information on taxes, shipping, etc. (Sorry, we do not export outside of Canada.)

As always, feel free to telephone us at (506) 387-6804 or email info@countryfields.ca to ask for a printed price list by mail, to place an order, or with any questions.

You'll find our store hours on the About Us page, if you'd like to come visit and shop in person.

Thank you!
Ruth & George Wheatley