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Online Beekeeping Training Program: Beginner

Online Beekeeping Training Program: Beginner

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This entry level program is designed for beginners to introduce students to the basics of beekeeping. Students will get a basic understanding of honey bee anatomy as well as how to look after their hives through the seasons of the year. Covering how to manage bees and to identify common pests and diseases of the honeybee, students are taught how to best manage their bees to optimize bee health. This course is also the first year of a three year program to complete the Country Fields Beekeeping & Abbigail Honey Farms Master Beekeeper certification.

The course is open to anyone interested in beekeeping or anyone who is already keeping bees and wants to further their knowledge level. The only prerequisites for the program is the desire to learn about bees! NOTE: Each module must be taken in sequence. The four modules are:

  • BK101.01 Mod. 1 Introduction
  • BK101.02 Mod. 2 Spring Apiary Management
  • BK101.03 Mod. 3 Summer Apiary Management
  • BK101.04 Mod. 4 Fall / Winter Management
Each module will be two hours long and will be conducted online through Zoom. Once registered, we will email you the link in advance to join the session at the scheduled time.