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Bee-O-Pac Comb Honey System

Bee-O-Sphere Technologies of St. Williams, Ontario, combines the talents of a design engineer and a beekeeper. After years of studying bee behavior related to comb production, Bee-O-Sphere has launched an innovative comb honey package, patents pending. The Bee-O-Pac system allows the beekeeper to harvest comb honey with a minimum of labour and expense.

The Bee-O-Pac:

  1. Fits a standard half frame;
  2. Needs less handling than hand cut comb honey;
  3. No wax foundation is needed;
  4. Increases profit potential from smaller packages;
  5. Is cost effective.

How It Works

Bee-O-Pac is made of food grade P.E.T. plastic thermoformed as a standard 6 5/8″ half frame. It has cavities molded into its side with a honeycomb pattern embossed on the bottom surfaces, eliminating the need for foundation wax. The cavities open outwardly and provide a space for the honeybees to build their comb honey.

No comb cutting is required. After the bees have filled the cavities with comb honey, the packs can be easily separated from the frame and fitted with a snap-on lid. Wrap-around labels complete the market-ready package.

Bee-O-Pac Comb Honey System

This is a frame filled with approx 4 lbs of honey supported only by the end tabs. There is burr comb built around the self-spacing points along the top and on the bottom. When the packs are separated, the plastic with the burr comb is removed and discarded.

Country Fields Beekeeping Supplies Ltd. no longer stocks Bee-O-Pac products, but we continue to provide this information for the convenience of beekeepers who want to know more about this system for making comb honey.