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2024 Imported Buckfast Queen - Tenuta Ritiro, Italy - May 23rd - SOLD OUT

2024 Imported Buckfast Queen - Tenuta Ritiro, Italy - May 23rd - SOLD OUT

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Pickup Information:

Queen arrivals will begin in mid May, all orders will be pickup at Country Fields Beekeeping Supplies in Fall River. Customers will be contacted with pick up dates once flights are confirmed.

To avoid forfeiture of non-refundable livestock purchases, queens must be picked up the day of arrival or the very next day at Country Fields.

Important: Delays in flight arrivals and pickup dates may occur due to circumstances beyond our control. All queen orders must be pre-paid.

Queen Information:

Strong, high quality, and healthy is what to expect from these Queens. Very gentle, and big honey producers.

  • Good productivity
  • Poor tendency to swarm
  • Excellent wintering capacity and good spring recovery
  • Great ability to overcome moments of climate imbalance (cold returns or periods of drought) maintaining an excellent balance between bees, stocks and brood
  • Longevity and vitality of bees
  • Docility with a good defensive instinct and grooming skills
  • High level of hygiene.
  • > 90% in 12H of recognition, removal and cleaning of damaged brood on breeding animals. Part of the European selection program for VSH (Varroa Resistance Hygiene)


Each - $51.95

Commercial Box of 100 - $46.00 per queen - call for special orders.

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