Introduction to Beekeeping

So you want to become a beekeeper? Welcome to this fascinating hobby! The purpose of this Beginning Beekeeper’s Guide is to give an overview of the equipment needed to get you started, as well as a few key elements of beekeeping to assist you in keeping your colony strong and productive.

Beginning beekeepers, naturally, want to be told precisely what to do and when. You will generally have to rely on books to guide your progress. If you can, get help from a knowledgeable beekeeper, and visit their apiary. The knowledge gained will be well worth the time spent.

Keep in mind, however, that you do not become an accomplished beekeeper over night. Beekeeping isn’t simple. It will take four or five years before you feel that you are mastering the art. Even the most experienced of beekeepers never learn all there is to know and continue to learn new ways every season. The important aspect in all of this is that you should make some attempt to know what the handling of honeybees is all about before the purchase of your first colony.

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