Basic Equipment

Hive PartsHive Stand

Used to keep bottom board up off the ground, keeping it dry and stopping it from rotting quickly. You may buy commercial stands or use concrete blocks, wood 4×4 or 6×6, or hardwood pallets.

Bottom Board

Brood chambers are placed on a bottom board to provide an entrance for bees to use. This board may be treated with copper napththenate to help extend its life.

Entrance Reducer

Used to control the size of the hive entrance at various times of the season.

Brood Chamber(s)

This is the area in which the frames are used by the colony to raise new bees. These boxes are also called hive bodies or supers.


These are rectangular structures made of wood or plastic and are used to hold wax foundation embossed with hexagonal worker cells.

Inner Cover

Also called a crown board. This is a wooden board usually used with an oblong hole in its center. Its purpose is multiple: it keeps the bees in the hive when the outer roof is removed, may be used with a bee escape to remove honey, and assists in feeding bees. Also serves to rid the hive of excess moisture, particularly in the winter.

Metal Outer Cover

Used to protect the colony from the weather. Each cover should be secured by a weight (brick or stone of similar size) to prevent wind from blowing it off.

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